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Lycka is an e-commerce website specializing in unique, handmade jewelry based in Stockholm, Scandinavia. The platform aims to showcase exquisite jewelry pieces while sharing the personal stories and experiences behind each creation. Drawing inspiration from the rich narrative of delivering dream jewelry, Lycka embodies the essence of happiness, success, and good fortune.

Design Strategy

Our design strategy for Lycka was centered around creating an immersive online experience that not only highlights the craftsmanship of each piece but also conveys the emotional significance attached to them. We started by conceptualizing the user journey, emphasizing the need for high-quality imagery and a clear, inviting visual identity. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we defined the project's scope, focusing on crafting a UI that seamlessly merges Scandinavian style with the warmth of personalized service.

Work Process

1. UX Design for Desktop (Middle Fidelity Wireframes)

   We began by mapping out the user interface, designing middle fidelity wireframes that ensure a smooth and intuitive browsing experience tailored for desktop users.

2. UI Design & Content Style Selection

   Our next step involved selecting a style of content that resonates with the Lycka brand. We curated mood boards and designed UI elements that reflect the unique aesthetic of the jewelry and the welcoming atmosphere of Lycka's showroom.

3. Mobile Adaptation & Microanimations

   We focused on mobile responsiveness, creating a seamless transition between desktop and mobile platforms. Microanimations were incorporated to enhance user engagement and highlight key interactions.


Important for Redesign  

1. High-Quality Imagery: The website prioritizes captivating, high-resolution images to showcase the intricate details of each jewelry piece.

2. Clear Identity: Lycka's website design emphasizes a cohesive visual identity that reflects the brand's Scandinavian elegance and personalized approach.

3. Warmth & Welcoming Atmosphere: While maintaining professionalism, Lycka's online presence exudes warmth and approachability, akin to a relaxed gathering among friends.

4. Easy Navigation & Location Awareness: The redesigned website facilitates easy navigation, highlighting store locations and enabling seamless booking for consultations.

Through the redesign of Lycka's e-commerce platform, we aimed to elevate the brand's online presence, embodying the spirit of happiness and elegance while narrating heartfelt stories through exquisite jewelry craftsmanship.

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